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Saul Saucedo

08 sierra single cab 2wd 4/6

This option is similar to the last but with MaxTrac Suspension hard parts and shocks. I have added the Trekline Motorsports alignment kit as it will be needed with this kit as well. The MaxTrac shocks are okay in ride quality. I personally prefer the Trekline Strut with Rear SP Belltech shocks, but this kit does save you a few more bucks.

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1 MTX-K331336S

This MaxTrac 3/5" or 4/6" Lowering Kit Includes:

Front 2" Lowering Spindles
Front 0-3" Adjustable Lowering Struts
Rear 5/6" Adjustable Flip Kit
Rear MaxTrac Shocks

1 TK-8003201

99-18 Chevy / GMC C1500 All Cabs 2° Offset Bushing / 1° Cam Alignment Kit (Includes Press Tool)

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Total $847.84

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